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FACT 2018

Fact yell

It is the second time the University of Theatre and Film Arts (Budapest) organises the FACT (Festival Arts Cinema Theatre) international festival, this time between the 1st and 4th February 2018.

What distinguishes FACT from other European festivals of drama universities is that here film and theatre appear side by side, and that special attention is given to related arts also, by presenting the works of set and costume design students.

The purpose of FACT is to provide Hungarian and international students the opportunity to present their diploma films and performances to an international audience, to participate in workshops together and to establish long-term professional relationships.

The students of six international and two Hungarian drama universities will participate in this year’s festival. Those interested will have a chance to see a huge variety of performances from one-person (one audience member!) shows to ones played by large ensembles on the big stage.

Productions of the drama universities of Brno, München, Reykjavík, Versico and Kaposvár have been invited to this year’s FACT, and the host, the University of Theatre and Film Arts will present four of its own productions. Student-led productions selected through an international competition will also be part of the programme, as we believe it is important to present and support initiatives of this kind.


Within the frame of the festival we organise two conferences, the subject of one being the work of film director Zoltán Fábri, whose centennial we celebrated last year, while the other focuses on the present and future of Hungarian drama education. Teaching staff, both practical and academic, from Budapest, Novi Sad, Târgu Mureş, Cluj-Napoca and Kaposvár, that is from every higher education drama institution, where training is provided in Hungarian, will take part in this conference.