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It is the second time the University of Theatre and Film Arts (Budapest) organises the FACT (Festival Arts Cinema Theatre) international festival, this time between the 1st and 4th February 2018.

What distinguishes FACT from other European festivals of drama universities is that here film and theatre appear side by side, and that special attention is given to related arts also, by presenting the works of set and costume design students.

The purpose of FACT is to provide Hungarian and international students the opportunity to present their diploma films and performances to an international audience, to participate in workshops together and to establish long-term professional relationships.

The students of six international and two Hungarian drama universities will participate in this year’s festival. Those interested will have a chance to see a huge variety of performances from one-person (one audience member!) shows to ones played by large ensembles on the big stage.

Productions of the drama universities of Brno, München, Reykjavík, Versico and Kaposvár have been invited to this year’s FACT, and the host, the University of Theatre and Film Arts will present four of its own productions. Student-led productions selected through an international competition will also be part of the programme, as we believe it is important to present and support initiatives of this kind.


Within the frame of the festival we organise two conferences, the subject of one being the work of film director Zoltán Fábri, whose centennial we celebrated last year, while the other focuses on the present and future of Hungarian drama education. Teaching staff, both practical and academic, from Budapest, Novi Sad, Târgu Mureş, Cluj-Napoca and Kaposvár, that is from every higher education drama institution, where training is provided in Hungarian, will take part in this conference.

Beside the eight productions an exhibition will be held of costume and set designs by students from the Hungarian University of Fine Arts, and there also will be a screening of various award-winning short films by students of film from the University of Theatre and Film Arts.


2017.02.03.Ódry StageAtticUránia CinemaVárkonyi Studio, Nádasdy Studio
15.00-16.00Screening of short films by students from the University of Theatre and Film Arts, Budapest - Hajni Kis: Beautiful figure, István Kovács: The Sound of Concrete, Fanni Szilágyi: End of Puberty
16.00-17.00Opening ceremony + Exhibition of Costume and Set Designs (Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Budapest)
17.00-18.00Pioneers in Ingolstadt (Budapest) - 120 minutes
20.00-21.00The Idiot (Bucharest) - 140 minutes
23.00-24.00H.A.N. (Off programme - SZFE)
2017.02.04.Ódry StageAtticUránia CinemaVárkonyi Studio, Nádasdy Studio
11.00-17.30mikroSPUTNIK (Prague) - between 11.00 - 13.30 and 15.00 - 17.30 - the performance is 11 minutes, held every 15 minutes
17.00-18.00The Woods (Prague) - 35 minutes
18.00-19.0018.30 The Woods (Prague) - 35 minutes
20.00-21.00Romeo and Juliet (Kaposvár) - 140 minutes
22.00-23.00Talk with the Artists
23.00-24.00The resistible rise of Arturo Ui (Off Programme - SZFE + Kaposvár)
2017.02.05.Ódry StageAtticUránia CinemaVárkonyi Studio, Nádasdy Studio
17.00-18.00Tschick (Munich) - 90 minutes
19.00-20.00Insomnia (Verscio, Switzerland) - 60 minutes
21.00-22.00Roberto Zucco (Budapest) - 70 minutes
22.00-23.00Talk with the Artists


Beauty will save the world!” is a famous line that belongs to Prince Mishkin, the protagonist of F.M. Dostoevsky’s novel, The Idiot. The performance of the students from Bucharest is a contemporary interpretation of the Russian writer’s text, full of color and energy, in which every character becomes the main hero of their own troubled and sublime life story. Saving beauty, as Dostoevsky writes, is the fulfillment of human nature in the spirit of absolute love. And even if one’s actions fail to appease any troubled souls, the „seeds” of one’s thought are likely to fall on fertile soil, comforting and changing the life trajectories of those souls. This is why the director of the production chose not to define the time and place of their interpretation, rather focusing on selected excerpts from the novel, on various difficult situations and decisions faced by its characters. The actor students must now faces these situations, and find answers to Dostoevksy’s difficult questions.

The Idiot is a novel about today’s world, and the production was born from the artists’ desire to guide the world towards beauty.

Cast: Alexandru FĂINIȘI, Kostas MINCU, Alexa TOFAN, Alexandru PETCU, Ada DUMITRU, Cozmin DINU, Stama ALEXANDRU, Marina FLUERAȘU, Alin POTOP, Nicoleta MOSCALENCO, Victor BĂDOI

Lights: Gabriel OLTENICEANU

Sound: Andreea JICMAN

Assistant director, choreography: Romina SEHLANEC

Adapted to the stage and directed by: Bogdana DARIE

Time and place: 3 February 2017. 20:00. Attic

The length of the performance is 2 hours and 20 minutes with a short intermission.

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The plot is centered on two maidservants, Alma and Berta. They are surrounded by men: both local citizens and the pioneers who came to build a bridge in Ingolstadt. Alma becomes a prostitute, while Berta falls in love with a pioneer by the name of Korl, who gets tangled in a conflict with a local sergeant of the law. Members of the local swimming team steal some wood that was bought to build the bridge for their planned pier – and the sergeant suspects Korl, even though he cannot prove it. Their dispute escalates, and they fight in ever more cruel ways. And the ones who suffer throughout are those who are innocent: the citizens of Ingolstadt.

The Pioneers of Ingolstadt is Marieluise FLEISSER’s dramatic parable about violence. The author was born in Ingolstadt (1901) and died there as well (1974). She started writing after meeting Brecht. He directed the production of her second play in Berlin, the premier of which was an outrageous scandal. The author was deemed immoral – especially by the residents of Ingolstadt. Fleisser left Brecht’s circle and didn’t write after that. And returned: to Ingolstadt.

„Ingolstadt could be any other city”, Fleisser wrote. Even Budapest.

A performance of the 3rd year actor’s class.

Author: Marieluise FLEISSER

Cast: BAJOR Lili, NAGY Katica, KOROKNAI Sándor, FEHÉR András, HEVESI László, KONFÁR Erik, HAJDU Tibor, KURELY László, SZALAY Bence, KOLLER Krisztián

Heads of the Class: BÖRCSÖK Enikő, ZSÓTÉR Sándor

Directed by: SZILÁGYI Bálint (5th year student of puppet direction)

Time and place: 3 February 2017. 17:00. Ódry Stage.

The length of the performance is 1 hour and 50 minutes.


Everybody knows this feeling. From that one unforgettable summer. The time of your first great love. The time of adventure. The time of great stories. During the summer holidays Maik’s mother tries to overcome her alcohol addiction again, while his father is spending time with his young assistant. For Maik this means six weeks of boredom. Until Tschick suddenly shows up. Without a driver’s license, but with a stolen car, they start out on a trip to the Wallachia, somewhere far-far away, in Romania. During their journey they experience many different things. For example at a garbage dump they meet Isa… But the three of them will tell their story themselves.

The performance is based on Wolfgang HERRNDORF’s novel of the same name, which has regularly been compared to Salinger’s The Catcher in the Rye because of its focus on wandering youths and their love affairs. It is a coming of age story, written with the author’s signature wit and lighthearted style.

Cast: Sveta BELESOVA, Daniel HOLZBERG, Klaus STEINBACHER (4th year actor students)

Stage Director: Philipp MOSCHITZ

Dramaturg: Katharina NAY

Video: Phillipp MOSCHITZ, Daniel HOLZBERG

Light Design: Benjamin SCHMIDT

Sound Design: Matthias SCHAAF

Set and Costume Design, Directed by: Philipp MOSCHITZ

Assistant to the Director: Joel HEYD

Time and place: 5 February 2017. 17:00. Ódry Stage.

The length of the performance is 1 hour and 30 minutes.


Insomnia is physical theatre combined with puppet theatre and live music. Its spectacle is based on poems and texts by such famous authors, directors and choreographers of the last century as Antonin ARTAUD, Jerezy GROTOWSKI, Rudolf LABAN, Edward Gordon CRAIG and others.

A “loft” in the industrial zone of a big city is occupied by seven young artists having just finished their studies, each searching for a job. They share this space, their food and their ideas about life and art. They dream of a better world and wish to change the current state of art, and want to create an unforgettable performance making them famous – or at least earning them enough money to be able to pay the rent and make a living.

They have doubts about the meaning of art, about themselves… thus begins another sleepless night…

Cast: Annette FIASCHI, Alessandra FRANCOLINI, Tereza SLAVKOVSKA, Santiago BELLO, Robert DIAZ, Igor MAMLENKOV, Charles TIENDREBEOGO

Artistic Collaborators: Elia MORETTI, Katerina SOBANOVA, Alessandro LA ROCCA, members of Continuo Theatre

Lights: Dante CARBINI

Teachers: Corinna VITALE, Richard WEIHE

Directed by: Pavel STOURAC

Time and place: 5 February 2017. 19:00. Attic

The length of the performance is 60 minutes.


μMikro is an easily transportable puppet stage for one spectator and two actors, designed by scenographer Tereza ČERNÁ and actor Dominik MIGAČ, both students of the third year bachelor studies program at the Department of Alternative and Puppet Theatre at DAMU. A single spectator can observe the show through a peephole sized 4,4 x 7 cm. μSputnik is their first production using this space, based on an original story about the adventures of the Russian space module Sputnik journeying through the cosmos. The artists use paper and other mechanical elements during their performance, along with various elements of film, such as cutting between scenes, in this way creating a unique visual and dramatic experience.

Cast: Dominik MIGAČ, Tereza ČERNÁ, Martin CIKÁN

Story: Dominik MIGAČ

Stage Design, Director: Dominik MIGAČ, Tereza ČERNÁ

Teachers: Robert SMOLÍK, Braňo MAZÚCH

Time and place: 4 February 2017. 11:00-13:00 and 15:00-17:00. Nádasdy Studio

The length of the performance is 11 minutes for a single audience member. Will be repeated multiple times, every 15 minutes.


The fourth year actor students from Kaposvár University will perform the most famous love story in the history of literature: Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. In their interpretation every actor is both Romeo and Juliet, searching for the meaning of love itself. Friar Laurence tells Romeo: „Heaven and earth do meet in thee at once.” Based on this line the students attempt to decipher the ancient secret which allows man to feel transcendence in love, and leads us to believe in our ability to defeat death through love.

The performance was first staged in the Hungarian National Theatre in various different spaces. The production is not defined by location, but is defined by Shakespeare’s text… and the Beatles.

Cast: BENEDEK Dániel, DÉR Mária, DUNAI Csenge, HELVACI ERSAN Dávid, HERCZEGH Péter, HORVÁTH Julianna, KÓNYA Renáta, MÉSZÁROS Martin, NAGY Balázs, NAGY Márk, SZABÓ Nikolett, SZÉP Domán, TICZ András, VARGA Bori

Musical Director: KOVÁCS Adrián

Head of the Class: URAY Péter

Directed by: VIDNYÁNSZKY Attila Jr., VECSEI H. Miklós

Time and place: 4 February 2017. 20:00. Ódry Stage.

The length of the performance is 2 hours and 20 minutes without intermission.


Leisurely fading

Slowly swimming

Slow-moving birds

with very slow thinking.

Golden snakes

Defecate golden flakes

What´s a snake

and what isn´t,

say you cannot.

It is very strange, is it not?

(Petr Nikl)

The Woods is a short play loosely based on Little Red Riding Hood, Alice in Wonderland and other young heroines and their stories. Katherine, the main character wanders into a forest where strange things happen to her. A tale about sexuality and coming of age, about the distance between us, and about the fears separating us from each other. It asks the question: where does adulthood begin and childhood end? And when does one cross from one to the other?

Cast: Maelane AUFFRAY, Petr KOLMAN, Sebastian JACQUES, Adam JOURA

Set and Costume Design: Karolína KOTRBOVÁ

Dramaturg: Petr ERBES

Directed by: Nina JACQUES (3rd year director student)


Time and place: 4 February 2017. 17:00 and 18:30. Várkonyi Studio

The length of the performance is about 40 minutes.


“Roberto was 19 when he killed his father and mother for no apparent reason. He was institutionalized, but seemed so normal, they released him not long after. He was 26 when he lost control again and started killing without rhyme or reason. He was walking the streets when the police arrested him, even though they didn’t think he could possibly be Roberto Zucco, because he was believed to be in hiding. The asked him: ‘Who are you?’, and he replied: ‘I am a murderer, my job is to kill people.’” (Bernard-Marie KOLTÈS)

This is a true story of the angel faced Zucco who inspired Koltès to write his lyrical play about the relationship between the individual and society, the expectations we face living in our modern world, about the questions we are never asked and we never answer.

A performance of the 4th year actor’s class.

Author: Bernard-Marie KOLTÈS


Dramaturg: GARAI Judit

Costume Design: BENEDEK Mari

Assistant to the Teacher: HORKAY Barnabás

Assistant to the Director: SZÉLINGER Anna

Heads of the Class: ZSÁMBÉKI Gábor, FULLAJTÁR Andrea

Directed by: HORVÁTH Csaba

Time and place: 5 February 2017. 21:00. Ódry Stage.

The length of the performance is 1 hour 30 minutes.


Participating Universities

Films – Exhibition

A film about a withdrawn but naively curious cleaning lady who falls in love with one of the graduating girls from the school she works for. Her love is hopeless from the beginning, but for a moment she believes it can come true and tries to tell the girl how she feels.

Cast:  Brigitta Egyed , Hanna Milovits, Mari Nagy, Lenke Kis

Director: Hajni Kis

Screenwriter: Hajni Kis, Dániel Daoud

Producer: Miklós Bosnyák

Cinematographer:  Ákos Nyoszoli

Film editor: Vanda Gorácz


Dia is a young female kickboxer who lives in the suburbs of Budapest with her mom and younger brother. Her dream is to compete in Germany where she can earn good money. All she has to do is to win her upcoming championship.
Two weeks prior to that Dia finds out that she is pregnant from her lover, who also happens to be her coach. Now she must face not only her competition, but time and the thought of abortion aswell.

Cast: Dóra Sztarenki, László Mátray, Tünde Szalontay, Álmos Galló, Tibor Gáspár

Director: István Kovács

Writer: Kálmán Gasztonyi

Cinematographer: Zoltán Dévényi

Editor: Péter Gábor Duszka

Costume: Borbála Keszei

Composer: Attila Áts

Production design: László Rajk

Producers: Miklós Bosnyák, István Major

Co-producers: Gábor Osváth, Judit Romwalter


Two teenage sisters, non-identical twins, meet a boy on a beautiful summer day at the lake, and the encounter acquaints them with sexuality, jealousy, and a very real anger. Their divergent responses contain a threat to their unity — and may mean the end of their adolescence.

Cast: Liza Kárpáti, Zita Szentecki, Renátó Olasz, Judit Dobos, Sándor Szucs

Director: Fanni Szilágyi

Executive Producer: Nóra Hegyi

Producer: Miklós Bosnyák

Screenplay: Fanni Szilágyi

Cinematographer: Kristóf Becsey, Nándor Gulyás

Editor: Szabolcs Kovári, Ágnes Grünvalszky

Production Designer: Zsófia Tasnádi, Ildikó Tihanyi

Sound: Dorka Mezo, András Pongor, István Baranyai, Bálint Zándoki, Dávid Bodnár


The exhibition is a small selection of works created during the last semester by students at the Scenography Department of the Hungarian University of Fine Arts. The BA and MA students consulted with their artists teachers during the semester, and their final works include designs for both theatre and film projects, with mock-ups of sets, scenography designs, storyboards, designs for costumes and clothing among the exhibited pieces.

The exhibition is open to the public during the entire festival in Urania National Film Theatre.