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Insitute of Art Theory and Mediation

Institute of Art Theory and Mediation

Head: Annamária Radnai, Associate professor

The Institute of Art Theory and Mediation is a central organisational unit functioning in a completely different way than the other two large institutions. Its role is to run and supervise its own courses, on the one hand, and to perform educational duties relating to the whole of the University, on the other.

The Institute of Art Theory and Mediation is responsible for the high-quality implementation of the five-year Theatre Dramaturgist and Drama Instructor BA courses, as well as the Theatre in Education postgraduate course.

The Theatre Dramaturgist course, having a history of more than fifty years, seeks to follow with flexibility the structural and stylistic changes of dramaturgy and, through this, of theatre life. In addition to historical subjects, students get acquainted with the specific activities involved in practical dramaturgy such as improvisational writing techniques, literary translation and screenwriting.

The three-year, full time Drama Instructor – Drama Player course has recently been launched. Theatre in education has an extremely rich tradition in Hungary and it serves as a foundation for this activity using theatrical forms but pursuing clear educational goals. A Drama Instructor is an art mediator who plans, organises and implements dramatic activities and events involving theatrical forms of work in artistic organisations or in the field of community culture and community life.

Our three-year Drama Instructor – Theatrical Performer BA correspondence course is offered to artists who are already active in their profession and intend to develop or widen their activities through, for example, applied theatre studies. The objective of this course is to train experts who are capable of performing acting duties in theatres or films and to participate in art mediation through dramatic activities.

Our training portfolio is supplemented with postgraduate courses like the Theatre in Education course and three specialist theatre manager trainings (institute manager, financial manager and marketing manager) are also about to be launched.

This Institute is in charge of providing and coordinating theoretical training for the courses in the Institute of Theatre Arts and the Institute of Film and Media, its instructors give important theory, history, analysis, dramaturgy and art interpretation courses in both fellow institutes. It is also responsible for the quality supervision of entrance exams, final exams and thesis defences. Moreover, the Institute as a unit dealing with both theatre and film and employing illustrious theatre and film dramaturgists, writers in the fields of theatre and film, literary translators and theatre experts, organises national conferences and aims at being a forum for debating professional and pedagogical matters within the University as well. Our Institution is also the organiser and coordinator of the quarterly “course week” that takes place all across the University and presents a remarkable array of visiting professors and where students have the opportunity to hear subjects and teachers that they cannot otherwise encounter in standard education.