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Institute of Film and Media

Institute of Film and Media


Head: Gábor Balázs, Professor

The University of Theatre and Film Arts is one of the few art institutions in the world that offers a wide variety of film and television training programmes in addition to courses in theatre arts. All of our courses take full advantage of this, so for instance almost every member of the creative staff of a film to be produced may come from among our students.

The Institute of Film and Media offers courses in the fields of film, documentary and television. In conformity with the Bologna system, each one of our courses is ran in a 3+2 (bachelor + master) structure allowing for compatibility with different international trainings. Although currently not all of our majors and specialisations offer bachelor and master courses, our short-term objective is to make both BA and MA courses available to our students throughout the whole of our training portfolio.

Our University lays great emphasis on trainings in small groups and often a rather personalised curriculum helps us to bring the best out of our students. The faculty is composed of renowned artists and experts who are among the best Hungarian and international motion picture experts thus a particular importance is attached to the master and apprentice relationship. Consequently, our dropout rate is almost negligible and there are only a few who leave their profession. Many of our instructors have received the highest professional awards.

Every year hundreds of final projects are done in the institute and many among them are equal to individual pieces of art as testified by the achievements at international and Hungarian festivals.

“6×6”, our latest form of training, combines well former experiences, traditions and the challenges modern motion picture faces. Film and television directors, cameramen, dramaturgists, editors, dubbers and production assistants are taught at a joint course of six specialisations. At the joint lessons and through fulfilling their common tasks, students learn together all what it takes to become a competitive expert in any field of motion picture. Collective socialisation and the knowledge they acquire result in creative partnerships that may serve as a basis for setting up creative workshops after graduation. Production designer MA students are also assigned with common tasks, so this way basically a full creative team for making a film, obviously together with acting students, is available within the University.

Our Composer of Applied Music BA course, ran in cooperation with Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music, conforms to the 6×6 training. At this course students acquire all knowledge that is necessary for composing musical pieces for motion picture.

The Institute offers two MA level documentary courses under the names DOKMA and Docnomads, both being international consortium trainings with the former having Hungarian and the latter English as the language of instruction.

In September 2017, our English language international consortium training for cameraman students, Viewfider will be launched.

Training television producers has a history of more than four decades at our University. This area is the most dynamic in development therefore almost each year we make changes and updates to the curriculum while keeping the traditional subjects as well. Although with a different focus, students are taught knowledge that they can successfully use in all fields of motion picture.

In all courses of the Institute of Film and Media, we are seeking to release graduates proficient in, or even capable of renewing, all fields where motion picture is used through equipping them with a mixture of classical professional knowledge and a profound understanding of the continuously changing and developing technical means.