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Institute of Theatre Arts

Institute of Theatre Arts

Head: László Bagossy, associate professor

One of the pillars of our 150-year old University is represented by the education of theatre experts: actors and directors. This activity is coordinated by the Institute of Theatre Arts having renowned and highly esteemed artists as instructors who, in addition to their teaching activities, play significant roles as directors, actors and skill development experts in the Hungarian and international theatre life.

From among the applicants, the future class teachers select a few number of students through several tests and auditions who would become well-trained theatre artists, musical actors, actors, puppet players or stage directors in the fields of musical, puppet or drama theatre through a close teacher-student cooperation. Almost all of our courses are five-year master courses.

Our institute is in charge of the operation of Ódry Stage where, following a basic training, students are given the opportunity to prove their talent in front of an audience from the third year on. Within a single academic year, we present more than twenty premieres and more than 150 performances. These numbers clearly reflect the intensity of theatrical training. The repertoire of Ódry Stage is on the cutting edge of Hungarian progressive acting not the least because the teachers directing the performances formulate, with the participation of the students, the theatre of the future while implementing the educational goals.

In addition to theatre practice, students get acquainted with dubbing and filming activities as wells, so that after graduation they could stand their ground also in these fields.

Along with a theoretical training, having analysis as a key element, director students prepare for creating stage performances together with creative partners to express any social or community issue they consider to be important. They deal with the social responsibility of theatre and get acquainted with the attributes of different genres of theatre and the importance of guiding actors.

Through the international relations of the University and the Institute, students have the opportunity throughout the five-year training to win scholarships for studying abroad and to represent the University at international festivals.

Besides the artist teachers teaching in the Institute, creators with outstanding theatrical, artistic or scientific achievements whose work can stand as an example before our students are regularly invited.