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Performing Arts for the Future – festival laboratory, Prague (Czech Republic)

The educative program Performing Arts for the Future is a project of 5 workshops for young artists and students from all over Europe. The inspiring idea is to create conditions for meeting emerging artists with legends of new theater.

All participants of the workshops have free entry for the festival The Zero Point productions and they form the core of the festival. Participants are actively involved into the festival events and build contacts for future cooperation. Last years, they managed to arrange a very close cooperation between them and the Studio Matejka or Tantehorse company.

The organisation offers 1 stipendium for a participant who will be chosen based on the best motivation letter; the stipendium includes travel costs, fee for the workshop and free entrance for the festival program.

This is an opportunity:

– To spend a summer week as a part of 2 Prague theater festivals (Zero Point and Behind the Door) with the legends of performing arts and actively participate in their workshops

– Meeting the young generation with authorities of performing arts

– Passing on experience, creation work, and thinking to young artists

– Maintain the fragile continuity in performing arts through a unique poetics of individual artists

– Contacts, creating conditions for future cooperation, both at European level

– Meeting with other artistic genres and different approaches as a prompt for further artistic work

The participants of the Master Class workshop will have an opportunity to present their work in the theatre Celetná last day of the festival.

3 groups, 5 lectors: Jarek Cemerek (CZ), Jaro Vinarsky (SK), Matija Ferlin (HR), Pau Bachero (ES), Radim Vizvary (CZ). 

When: July 14 – July 19, 2014

Where: Prague, Czech Republic 

Deadline for registration: May 20.