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2014 Terre di Cinema CineCampus

Among our established Film School Partners: Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia (Italy), NARAFI - LUCA School of Arts (Belgium), Film & TV Department - Tel Aviv University (Israel), Estudio de cine (Spain). They will be joined this year by the London Film School (UK), the St Petersburgh State University of Film and TV (Russia) and the HFF Hochschule für Film und Fernsehen "Konrad Wolf" (Germany).

What we offer at the 2014 CineCampus of Terre di Cinema:

·         2 Technical Workshops, (8 hours), in collaboration with ARRI Italia (Alexa XT and Amira) and Sony/Zeiss (Sony F-65, F-55 and F-5).  

·         3 days Steadicam Intensive Workshop (24 hours), for beginners and intermediate, with the participation of Steadicam official trainers (only for cinematographers)

·         3 days Intensive Script Development Workshop (24 hours) for developing a 3 min long short film that will be produced by the Festival (only for directors)

·         3 days intensive  Workflow Management Workshop (24 hours) dedicated to post-production in the digital enviroment (only for editors)

·         2 days auditioning a Casting Workshop (16 hours) with professional actors and casting directors (only for directors)

·         5 Masterclasses with the cinematographers in competition for the New Cinematographers Award

·         2 Masters of Light Special Events: Meet Luciano Tovoli (AIC, ASC) and Garrett Brown (ASC) the Steadicam inventor.

·         1 Masterclass on Cinematography in Commercials

·         1 Masterclass on Directing – Focus On

·         Each student will realise a 3 min long short film as a director or cinematographer and will work on at least another one as assistant director or camera assistant. He/she will also have the chance to cover other suppporting roles in as much as 10 other short films produced by the Festival. All the short films will be shot with high-end camera equipment and accessories provided by Terre di Cinema Technical Partners (ARRI, Sony, Zeiss, Cartoni, K5600 among the others).  At the end of the Festival, all the short films will  be screened and assessed by a panel of top professionals from the industry (producers, agents, directors).  The students will have the right to use the short films for their showreels, for applying to film festivals and for any other non-commercial purpose allowed by the organisation of Terre di Cinema.

·         Attending the CineCampus also allow the students to participate to the screenings of 24 feature films from all over Europe, a great selection including some recent released that premiered and distinguished themselves at the best film festivals around the globe, and to all the other events of the Festival.  

 In short this experience will consist of 14 days of cinema full-immersion, a truly international environment, with the chance of meeting and networking with young and established professionals from the Italian and European industries, in one of the most renowned Italian touristic areas, the Taormina-Etna District, in Sicily.

The next edition of Terre di Cinema will take place from June 22nd to July 6th 2014, in between the Taormina International Film Festival and the Premi Nastri d’Argento (the Silver Ribbon Awards), two major events of the Italian cinematographic season.

The participation fee for each student is 500 €.  It includes board and lodging for 14 days, and no other direct costs are to be substained.  We do not cover travel expenses.  At this stage, we especially encourage the participation of students from the editing and directing departments for which there’s availability of places.  Fewer places are still available for cinematography students, who are welcome to apply as well.

In case of interest to participate to Terre di Cinema please do consider that the final application deadline is April 25th 2014.  The student application form that has to be filled and sent to: together with a vc and online references, if possible, to previous works.