Németh Antal Institute of Drama Theory

Address: 1088, Budapest, Rákóczi út 21.

Faculties: drama instructor | dramaturgy

Head of Institute

dr. Zsolt Antal

Associate Professor, Deputy Rector of the University of Theatre and Film Arts, Head of the Németh Antal Institute for Drama Theory.

Our Institute

It is possible to apply for a five-year degree program in Dramaturgy, which includes specializations in either playwriting or art criticism, and for a Bachelor of Arts degree program in Drama Instruction with specializations in drama playing and directing.



The purpose of the program is to train theater dramaturgs who can solve professional tasks with adequate expertise and creative invention in all areas of contemporary theater (drama and musical theater, puppetry, dance, physical and documentary theater, theater education, etc.) both in the mainstream and independent spheres, on both the Hungarian and European stage.

Drama Instructor

The purpose of the program is to train drama instructors who are capable of designing, organizing, and carrying out art-mediated events that include dramatic activities and theater work in cultural institutions, public education, and community settings. Graduates of the undergraduate program possess sufficient theoretical and practical knowledge in drama pedagogy and theater education to carry out such programs independently or as group participants. They are prepared to continue their studies in a master’s program.

The Drama Instructor – Drama Player specialization program operates in a daytime schedule
In addition to the above, the aim of the specialization is to train professionals who are committed to lifelong learning and who serve both individual development and the group processing of community problems. We welcome young people with social sensitivity, outstanding communication skills, and an attraction to joint thinking and creation to apply to the program.

The Drama Instructor – Actor specialization program operates in a correspondence schedule
In addition to the above, the aim of the specialization is to train professionals who are capable of performing acting tasks in theaters and films, as well as participating in art-mediated tasks using dramatic activities.


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