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Doctoral School


Doctoral School

Head: György Karsai, Professor

The Doctoral School of the University of Theatre and Film Arts offers doctor’s degree courses in the fields of arts and art sciences (DLA – Doctor of Liberal Arts and PhD in Arts) to university graduates who carry out high quality creative work or researches in the fields of theatre, film and video arts or of other arts or art sciences. The University of Theatre and Film Arts has been running doctoral courses initially since 1996 and in a finalized form since 1998. The students of the Doctoral School accredited, in its present form, in 2000 and re-accredited in 2009, come from various areas of theatre and film arts. Among them we can find actors, directors, dramaturgists, choreographers, cameramen, editors, set and costume designers, puppet players, theatre historians, film theory experts, writers, as well as producers. The diverse interests, creative and research works of students require a complex training which includes knowledge broadening in the fields of theatre and film theory, visual arts, music, literature and history as well as courses and seminars for completing practical tasks. In addition to the most distinguished creative experts of the different fields, classes are taught by visiting professors from Hungary and abroad who, being prominent representatives of other art forms, place the knowledge acquired by students in new contexts.

The Doctoral School provides a framework for training and research and gives assistance to completing the doctoral dissertation during and as a result of the doctoral training. DLA and PhD degrees are granted after the academic requirements are met, the comprehensive doctoral exam is passed and the dissertation is successfully defended.

In cooperation with the Habilitation Committee the Doctoral School is also in charge of the organisation and supervision of habilitations at the University.