Unique concepts - King Lear as a film or a stage play unique concepts

2023 December 19., Tuesday 14:02.

On a fortuitous day, December 13th, all eight of our Erasmus students presented their examination projects from their product design course under the guidance of Professor Éva Szendrényi. The focal point of their project work was the adaptation of the first scene of King Lear, either as a film or a stage play, applying the students’ unique concepts. The adaptations ranged from contemporary themes – a drag queen show, a modern USA Wall Street business narrative – to a fantasy tale. The presentations combined freehand drawings and photos. It was fascinating to observe how the students conveyed the characters’ features and dynamics through costumes, exploring how textures and colours could represent the nuances of the characters’ roles and the social distances within the narrative. Each presentation showed how the space, costumes, colours, and lighting design work in a play or film, expressing our students’ creativity and skills.

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